In 1771 the twin lighthouses on Thacher Island, off the coast of Rockport Massachusetts, were built to guide European travelers entering the United States. We have chosen this historic site as our mark, to signify our commitment to guide new ventures to successful partnerships. 

Mark Bosland founded Rockport in 2001 with the goal of introducing the first generation of European life science venture funds to high quality, U.S life science companies.   In the first five years, Rockport successfully closed 15 transactions and raised more than $170,000,000. Since then, Rockport has closed more than 40 transactions and raised over $500,000,000 from US, Asian and European Family Offices, Venture and Private Equity Funds.

”Its’ very satisfying to look back at the relationships we’ve created between our client companies the Venture Community” – Mark Bosland

Today Rockport is a proud partner of the global healthcare and environmental science ecosystem.